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Outline of Saturday events in Spring 2022.


April 2nd

“Work on Oneself”

9.15am – 3.30pm. ‘Live’ event at Friends’ Meeting House, Ealing.

Members £30; non-members £60. Light lunch provided.

Further details on each event to follow.

To register; contact Lisa at or 07918 622 995.


Saturday, 2nd April 2022.

9.15am – 3.30pm.

Friends’ Meeting House, 17 Woodville Road, Ealing, W5 2SE


People continuously work on themselves to achieve their aims in life. They keep fit, train for careers, cultivate social skills & relationships, seek understanding, wisdom and much else. Underneath all this bustling activity, is a universal quest for true and substantial happiness.

And yet, most are disappointed. Achievements and happiness, if they occur, are short lived. A background sense of unease or dissatisfaction always seems to return.This day seeks to reflect on, and understand, why this is and what ‘working on oneself’ really means.


9.00am Registration. (LS)

9.15 Guided relaxation / meditation (BH)

9.30 Rest and Right Action (JH)

10.45 Break.

11.00 Clues from Shakespeare (BH)

12.15pm Meditation (JH)

12.30 Lunch.

1.30 Mindful walking (LS)

1.45 Making it Practical. (JH)

2.45 Break.

2.50 Questions & answers. (JH & BH)

3.20 Closing meditation.

3.30 Depart.

Pleasant venue. Easy parking. Bookstall.

Light vegetarian lunch provided.

Members £30 Non-Members £60.

Reserve a place now. Contact Lisa Schlotmann at or 07918 622 995.



Friend’s Meeting House. Ealing

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9.15am – 15.30pm.

The Dhatus- Building Blocks of the Body Part 3

Angela Hope-Murray.

MSc Ayur. MA.. BSc Ost. DO. HCPC reg Pod.

Author of “Ayurveda for Dummies” & “Healing with Ayurveda”

In this seminar, we examine one of the fundamental concepts of Ayurveda known as the Dhatus. The word Dhatu means ‘to hold’ & refers to a layer or stratum made up of an essential constituent without which the body cannot be formed.

Dhatus are the fundamental building blocks of the body and as such, understanding how they are formed, plus what is needed for their construction, is of vital importance.       This morning is about how to optimise their quality and achieve good health and wellbeing.

To register contact Lisa Schlotmann; or 020 8567 8889

Fee; £60. Members£40

Payment by BACS