Welcome to the Ealing Yoga, Meditation and Philosophy Centre – London (UK)

Our charity offers a traditional approach to the practice of Yoga, Meditation and Philosophy, promoting both inner peace and spiritual growth.

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Ealing Yoga, Meditation and Philosophy Centre  aims to help individuals lead a happier, more natural life and so discover how to evolve spiritually. It believes that physical and psychological well-being are enhanced by coming to know oneself at all levels – body, breath, emotions, mind – and beyond.

To help individuals develop inner awareness and understanding, the Centre has, for the last twenty years, offered courses and retreats on hatha yoga, breathing & relaxation, meditation and practical philosophy.

The Centre has come into being to help people let go of that which separates them from the truth of who they really are.     

Traditionally this is done in three ways;

(i) Study; presenting writings that help students distinguish between the Self and the non-Self.

(ii) Meditation; by which a person may come to experience their True Being within.  

(iii) Satsang; which provides the group energy and stillness needed to remove misunderstandings and deepen Self-knowledge.

Hatha Yoga

Awakens a renewed sense of balance, poise and harmony to help you encounter yourself in a fresh and uplifting way. Adjusts posture so that one’s internal flow of energy brings about the most balanced alignments possible. The centre runs a wide range of yoga classes in Ealing and the West London area. Class details >>

Breath and Relaxation

1917435_orig-0516a-120Calms the deeper nervous system by cultivating smooth and diaphragmatic breathing. Systematically relaxes habitual and often unnoticed tensions that drain energy during the day. A key preliminary for meditation. Class details >>


Typically our mind is restless and confused, jumping from one thought to another making it difficult to find balance and rest. Meditation quietens the mind whereby one’s natural inner happiness can be realised, and all activities are seen in a new light.

'It tends to lower or normalise blood pressure, pulse rate, and the levels of stress hormones in the blood. It produces changes in brain-wave patterns, showing less excitability ... Meditation also raises the pain threshold and reduces one's biological age ... In short, it reduces wear and tear on both body and mind, helping people live better and longer.'
Bernie Siegel MD surgeon and professor Yale University

 Class details >>

Practical Philosophy


Presents wisdom from a range of traditions and encourages self-study and group work, by which one may find inner stability, balance and better relationships in the face of the conflicting pressures of modern life. Topics include; functions of mind; positive and negative emotions; avoiding stress; ego; desire; devotion and surrender; who am I?; what is wisdom? Class details >>

Our location

The centre’s courses mainly take place in and around Ealing on weekday evenings. These are easily accessible from most areas in West London however and students attend from Acton, West Ealing, Hanwell, Ruislip and Greenford as well. Please click here for Maps and our contact information.


The Friars Retreat 2024

Following on from our very successful retreats in the  last two years, we are delighted to confirm that we have confirmed arrangements for later this year. The venue is once again The Friars at Aylesford Priory, Kent, and the dates are Friday 5th - Sunday 7th July 2024.

Places are limited to a maximum of 20 and accommodation will be in single occupancy rooms on the site. The programme is still to be decided but will include the usual mix of hatha yoga, relaxation, philosophy, chanting and meditation. We will have a large meeting room available, which will double as a yoga studio. The cost of the weekend includes accommodation, all meals + refreshments, and all taught sessions. We have opted for a vegetarian menu.

The venue is fairly easy to get to from London, by car - approx 90 minutes on the M25/M20. There is also a train service (just under 1 hour) from St Pancras International.

Our programme will start around 6pm on the Friday and is likely to finish late afternoon on the Sunday. 

 Please e-mail Lisa at : enquiries@ealingyogamedpc.org.uk

to reserve a place.

Do have a look at The Friars website for more information :




17th July to 21st August.

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