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About Us Ealing Yoga, Meditation and Philosophy Centre dates back to 1991, when Peter Glover founded the UK branch. The Centre aims to help individuals lead a happier, more natural life and so discover how to evolve spiritually. EYMPC offers courses and retreats on hatha yoga, breathing & relaxation, meditation and practical philosophy, with an emphasis on a traditional, authentic, no-gimmicks ethos firmly rooted in the Himalayan spiritual heritage, whilst at the same time drawing inspiration from diverse traditions.

About Yoga Philosophy


What is Creation?

What is my relationship to Creation?

Who has not asked these questions?

To explore these fundamentals the Institute holds weekly presentations and discussions that draw upon the spiritual knowledge of different traditions, both from the East and from the West. We explore how the practical applications of these traditions can illuminate and enhance the quality of our daily working lives.

These studies include Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, the Upanishads, and other texts.  As well as the group discussions, practical work will be included such as meditation, breathing and mindfulness exercises. We explore how loving, considered and skilful actions can be naturally expressed in practice.

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347834_orig-0516bTypically our mind is restless and confused, jumping from one thought to another making it difficult to find balance and rest. Meditation is a systematic and methodical practice that, even from the beginning, helps us find stability and calmness.

Meditation can give you the ability to improve your health, your relationships, and the skill and love with which you engage with life. Meditation is suitable for everyone.

With regular meditation you can realistically expect to find new levels of energy, relaxation, calmness, and relief from stress. Ultimately it will lead to realisation of one's true self.

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Meditation involves a type of inner attention that is quiet, concentrated, and at the same time relaxed. The word used in Patanjali's Yoga Sutras is "Dhyana". It is defined as "the liberation of the mind from all disturbing and distracting emotions, thoughts and desires."

About Hatha Yoga


Yoga means 'to yoke' or 'to join'. Through knowledge and skilful practice hatha yoga aims to harmoniously unify body, breath and mind in such a way that the body becomes an instrument for treading the path to enlightenment.

Hatha refers to the relationship between the differing energies in our body, breath and mind. Ha and tha are symbolic syllables used to indicate the flow of breath in the right and left nostrils. Hatha yoga exercises are designed to awaken and harmonise the energies of our internal states.

The term 'Hatha Yoga' is a generic one, and it covers all styles of physical yoga such as Astanga, Viniyoga, Iyengar, and Sivananda Yoga.

Here at the Himalayan Institute our teachers' backgrounds and approaches differ slightly, but they are all influenced by the Himalayan practice of Hatha Yoga as taught by Swami Rama.

Yoga postures are a remedy for the whole person. They promote health and energy. There is no achievement level or competition. Each person works within their own capacity, and it is for this reason that yoga is beneficial to all regardless of age, gender, body shape or previous experience.

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EYMPC Retreats & Events

imageChigwell Retreat Centre

Every year the EYMPC runs a series of events and retreats. Some are one week in length, a weekend, a day or even half a day. All are welcome at these events.

Annual 7-day Retreat With Rolf Sovik

171280Led by Rolf Sovik, President of the Himalayan Institute (US); long-time teacher and yoga practitioner in the Himalayan tradition, author of the award-winning “Yoga; Mastering the Basics” and “Moving Inward”; regular contributor to “Yoga International” magazine; clinical psychologist in private practice.

Rolf writes:

   Yoga is for all ages.  Postures can be modified to meet the needs of every body. Relaxation skills calm every nervous system, while meditation offers us all the opportunity to genuinely rest within ourselves. Yoga is fun.  It twists, twirls, stretches and strengthens; buoys the breath and mends the mind.

   Have a deep taste of yoga and philosophy at the Chigwell Retreat.  You’ll find folks to talk to, things to do, thoughts to read and ponder, and deep moments of inner quiet.  You’ll be glad you came and your spirit will rejoice! 

  • Bookshop to browse over; wide range of titles on yoga, meditation & spirituality.     
  • Spacious venue.
  • Vegetarian food.

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Due to Covid19 we have no retreat bookings for 2021