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3-day retreat at Domus Mariae Convent, Chigwell, Essex

Thur 7th  –  Sun 10th May 2020.

Philosophy & Ayurveda.   Healing mind & body.

This retreat joins Yoga Philosophy with Ayurveda - both formulated over 5,000 years ago in India and still widely studied today.

The Philosophy sessions will reflect on various sources from both eastern and western traditions that suggest how one’s mind, emotions and actions may lead towards, or away from, real happiness & self-knowledge.

The Ayurveda (knowledge of life) sessions will first describe how to assess one’s unique elemental constitution, and then focus on the immune system, and how, by suitable foods, oils & life-style, it may be maintained & strengthened.

The event will include yoga, chanting, relaxations, breathing & meditation to rest & revitalise one’s inner being.     All parts of the programme are optional.

The event is taken by John Howell, Director of Studies at the Ealing Centre, supported by its senior members, and Angela Hope-Murray [M.Sc Ayur. MA. B.Sc Ost], Ayurvedic practitioner, & author of  “Ayurveda for Dummies” & “Healing with Ayurveda”.

Comfortable venue.  Single bedrooms.  Vegetarian food.   Bookstall.

Come for all or part of the event.

Information & booking; 8567 8889.

Fee;   £299 (deposit £50)    or    £99 per 24hrs.

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