Dear All,

I’m sure it will come as no surprise that due to the current situation with the Corona virus, we are suspending all our classes, study days and the Chigwell retreat. I am sorry that Sat 28th has been cancelled. During this challenging time it may be a good opportunity to read all those books you may have bought at one of our retreat days and practice a few relaxation exercises. We will update our facebook page with frequent readings and suggestions to help you through. log on and follow. Keep yourselves safe and healthy. We will let you know when we are raising our head above the parapet once more. All the information will appear here on our website.

Kind regards, Joanna


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9.15am – 4.00pm.

Friends’ Meeting House, 17 Woodville Road, Ealing, W5 2SE


   Many say living in the present brings happiness. But what does this really mean? Surely past and future matter just as much?

   This event offers insights and practices from Yoga philosophy and other traditions to show how fully honouring the present puts our past experiences and future ambitions into proper perspective.



9.15am         Registration.

9.30           Guided relaxation.

9.45           Understanding past, present & future.

10.45                 Break.

11.15         The art of being present.

12.15         Guided meditation

12.30pm            Lunch.

1.30          Gong Bath

1.45          How mind avoids the present.

 2.45                  Break.

 3.00         Questions & answers.

 3.45         Closing meditation.

 4.00                  Depart.


Pleasant venue.  Easy parking.  Bookstall.

Light vegetarian lunch provided.

Fee £45   (Institute members; £30.00)

£10 deposit when booking, to secure a place

Reserve a place now >>

Or contact Lisa Schlotmann at 020 8567 8889